Founded in 2009 and Legalized in 2010, the National Youth Development Organization is an organization for and by the youths. It has come to work together with other underprivi- leged fellow youths to seek ways to redress issues that affect their lives.

With its Head Quarter in Bamenda, NYDO be- lieve that for development to move forward there must be the component of empowerment. Youths have talents that are hidden and need to be exploited, thus they need to be empow- ered so that they can be able to show their hid- den talents. We need to get them involved in decision making positions so that they can be able        to        express        themselves.

Empower and equip young people to use their  inner potentials and talents to achieve sustainable livelihoods and make a great  difference in the development of their communities.

The organization has a BOD that sees into the planning and direction of the activities of the or- ganization. It has an Executive Director who sees into the day to day running of the organi- zation  and  reports  back  to  the  BOD

Gender Policy:
The gender policy of NYDO reflects the roles and activities played by males and Females employed in the organization. The organiza- tion gives equal chances to all employees irrespective of sex

The gender sensitive procedure used to se- lect the Board of Directors of NYDO is used to reflect employment into the organization.
The motivation of employees of NYDO based on initiative, and creativity without bias of sex. Where necessary, promotion, maternity leave, sick leave, advances; permissions are the benefits of boys/girls in the organization.
Female workers are equally involved in field- work and contact/sensitization visits in rural communities or project target area. However male and female workers are dispatched for such execution of duties in all the project areas.
NYDO deduces ways and means to empower her employees through training/capacity build- ing. Where the opportunity comes up, both the female and male staffs have equal chances.
The project identification phase, planning im- plementation, monitoring and evaluation is car- ried out by both sexes both in the organization and   in       the     communities.
More youths will be trained in the field as Community Volunteer Agents (CVA) in a gender sensitive manner.
Self-help schemes/empowerment are  initiated in the communities, more boys and girls will be empowered in income generating activities and other micro finance activities. Community Volunteer Agents shall also be trained in these     new   activities.

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